These stunning Pillars of Creation photos were taken in someone’s backyard

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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has taken its fair share of amazing photos. Perhaps one of the most famous, however, is the 1995 capture of Hubble’s Pillars of Creation photo. Showcasing one of the most detailed images of the Eagle Nebula, the photo is a powerhouse that showcases the quintessential beauty of space.

Part of what made the image so amazing was that it just wasn’t possible to capture such detail in advance. In fact, capturing the NASA image required a $16 billion telescope. But what if someone could take a similar photo from their backyard? Well, astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy did just that.

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These photos of Pillars of Creation were taken in someone’s backyard

The Pillars of Creation are absolutely beautiful. Originally captured in 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope, the image shows a specific region of the Eagle Nebula. This region, NASA says, shows the formation of new stars. We’ve seen similar displays in other nebulae, but none stood out quite like the Pillars of Creation photos shared by NASA.

Being able to recreate something so iconic in your garden seems impossible. But Andrew McCarthy apparently takes quite a lot of photos of the Pillars of Creation. According to a report on DIY photography, McCarthy conquers the pillars quite frequently. Also, he says it’s actually a very accessible target to shoot from the ground.

McCarthy says he used a 12-inch, 1200mm Newtonian telescope to take the Pillars of Creation photos. He combined this telescope with his asi1600mm astronomy camera and some SHO filters. Then, when he edited the image, he removed all the stars to make the pillars stand out even more.

Recapturing an icon

Pillars of Creation photo

Pillars of Creation photo

Recapturing an image as iconic as the Pillars of Creation photo is just one of the many inspiring things McCarthy has accomplished lately. The astrophotographer, who becomes my cosmic_background on social media, has made a name for himself by capturing some of the most detailed astronomy images I have ever seen. In fact, he even made it onto the 2022 Astronomy Photographer of the Year shortlist.

In the past we’ve seen him take amazing photos of the sun that are absolutely rich in detail. You can tell from the way he works that photographing astronomy actually means something to him. And he has a keen eye for some of the best shots out there.

While McCarthy’s retake of the iconic Pillars of Creation photo isn’t nearly as detailed, it shows that you don’t need $16 billion and the support of NASA to get some iconic glimpses of the universe’s most beautiful encounters.

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