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These companies pay for abortion trips

After the decision of the Supreme Court knocking over by Roe v. calflarge companies like Procter & Gamble and Target add abortion travel expenses to their employee benefits.

The goal is to ensure that their employees can access abortion treatment if they live in states where the procedure is now or will soon be illegal. About 26 US states are expected quickly outlawed Abortion after the landmark 1973 ruling was overturned, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive issues.

A trickle of business announced abortion travel coverage Earlier this year after states including Texas introduced restrictive abortion laws. But other companies have followed Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, with dozens of companies representing millions of workers now pledged to cover travel expenses should their employees need abortion treatment.

On Tuesday, Procter & Gamble said its new travel policy will cover workers who don’t have access to service from a supplier within a 50-mile radius and will take effect on January 1. The conglomerate, which makes household products like Pampers and Tide, employs 26,000 people in the US and is based in Ohio, which has an abortion ban.

Target told its approximately 450,000 U.S. workers in a memo Monday that starting in July, it would reimburse travel expenses related to any covered medical procedures that aren’t available nearby. The discounter operates around 2,000 branches nationwide.

Here’s a rundown of some of the other companies that have expanded their coverage:


The e-commerce giant, which employs 1.6 million workers, said it will reimburse up to $4,000 in travel expenses for abortions. “Amazon has expanded travel and lodging benefits to cover travel for a range of non-life-threatening medical conditions when a provider is not available within 100 miles of an employee’s home,” an Amazon spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch in an email .

Bank of America

The country’s second-largest bank said it would cover travel expenses for employees who have to leave a state to seek reproductive services, including abortions.


The dating app company in September said It set up a fund to help organizations advocating for reproductive rights to Texas — the state where Bumble is based — forbidden abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.


The bank added the travel allowance to its job listings after several states enacted restrictive reproductive health laws. “Starting in 2022, we will offer travel benefits to facilitate access to appropriate resources,” Citigroup said in a regulatory submission filed March 15.

CVS Health

The drugstore chain has reportedly opened up out-of-state medical care, including abortion, to employees.

Dick’s sporting goods

Following the Supreme Court ruling, the retailer said it reimburses workers, their spouses and dependents for up to $4,000 in travel expenses for abortions “to the nearest location where care is legally available.”

Estee Lauder

The cosmetics company announced earlier this month that it will cover travel and lodging expenses for reproductive health care in the United States starting in August.

Goldman Sachs Group

According to reports, starting July 1, the bank will cover travel expenses for US-based employees who have to go abroad for abortions or gender-affirming treatments.


The Company is among the companies that pay travel expenses for medical procedures that are not available in an employee’s home country.


The furniture maker said it will expand employee benefits to include travel expenses for medical procedures, including abortion, if they are not available within a reasonable distance.

JPMorgan Chase

The country’s largest bank said last week it will cover travel expenses to states where abortion will remain legal from July.


The Ohio-based grocer is providing up to $4,000 toward travel for a range of medical procedures, including abortion and fertility treatments.


The ride-hailing company’s health insurance plan in the US includes coverage for voluntary abortion and reimbursement of travel expenses if an employee has to travel more than 100 miles for an in-network provider.


Shar Dubey, the CEO of the Dallas-based company, Set up a fund in 2021 to help all of the company’s Texas workers who may need to travel abroad for an abortion.


“We will continue to offer employees access to the same healthcare that is available today, regardless of where they live,” a MasterCard spokesman said in an email. That includes family planning.

meta platforms

The Facebook and Instagram owner said he will reimburse travel expenses “to the extent permitted by law” for those who need access to out-of-state health and reproductive services.


The tech company expanded its financial support for “critical health care,” including abortion, to include travel expenses for such procedures.


The media conglomerate, which owns CBS News, told employees in an email following the Supreme Court decision that the company would cover travel expenses for a legal abortion.


The outdoor clothing company said it would cover the cost of health insurance for full- and part-time workers, including abortion treatments. “Where restrictions are in place, travel, lodging and meals are covered,” the company said. It also pledged to “cover education and bail for those peacefully protesting for reproductive justice.”


The money transfer company decided to pay employees Traveling for abortions if necessary after the Texas Supreme Court upheld a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can happen within six weeks of pregnancy.


This was announced to the software company by CEO Marc Benioff in September would help the employees who wanted to leave Texas because of state abortion restrictions.


The coffeeshop chain said in May it was expanding its existing health insurance to cover costs for those who cannot access abortions within 100 miles of home.


The electric vehicle maker last year began “offering travel and accommodation assistance to those who may need to use healthcare services that are unavailable in their home state,” Tesla said in its 2021 impact report.


The ride-hailing company said it has pledged to cover travel expenses for employees to access health services and it would pay legal costs for drivers to transport them to clinics.

Walt Disney

The amusement park operator on Friday Travel allowance for “Family planning” for employees who do not have access to medical care where they live, including “pregnancy-related decisions.” Disney employs 195,000.


This was announced by the app for crowdsourced business reviews in May it would pay for the travel expenses of the employees if they have to leave a country to have an abortion.


The company said in May it will provide up to $3,000 annually for U.S. employees who need to travel for reproductive care, including abortion.


The real estate site updated its healthcare plan as of June 1 to reimburse employees up to $7,500 each time significant travel is required to access healthcare, including reproductive services or gender-affirming care.