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Modern Warfare 2 and Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game featured in Massive Leak

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Treyarch’s untitled Call of Duty game are both featured in a massive leak that hit the internet a few hours ago. The leak came from the Warzone Mobile Alpha, which contains files and even images related to both games.

Dataminers like RealityUK did the rest, sharing a wealth of information with fans. Let’s start with the (incomplete) weapons, perks, and map lists for Modern Warfare 2. Note that most of them are still written down in code names, and multiple map code names can refer to a single map, so this is not necessarily an indication, how many maps will be in the final game.

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Assault Rifles: akilo, kilo53, kilo74, kilo105, mcharlie, mcbravo, M4 charlie, schotel, falpha, fecho, AugSTG A3

Sniper/Marksman Rifle: LM-S, sa700, AX-50

submachine gun: Lachmann Sub, Alpha57, Beta, Victor, Aviktor, PSDW 50, MPapax, Sakin 9, LMP

Shotguns: Bryson 800, Mike1014, MKViktor, Lockwood 725

LMGs: RAAL, ahotel, Foxtrot, Bruen MK9, ngolf7, rkilo, mkilo3, kilo21

pistols: X12, Revive Pistol, .50 GS, papa220, siwhiskey Launchers: mike203, RPG7, PILA, JOKR, Strela-P

Multiplayer: Swimming is included in some multiplayer maps.

Advantages: Amped, Engineer, Restock, Ghost, High Alert, Overkill, Battle Hardened, Kill Chain, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Cold Blooded, Pitcher, Extra Tactical, Focus, Rush, Tune

Killstreaks: “Circle Peek”, Counter UAV, Cluster Strike,

Field Upgrades: Armored crate, support crate, sonar pulse? tactical camera? deployable cover, stopping power, dead silence? (could also be an advantage)

Tactics: Flare, Shock Stick, Trophy, Bait quality

Fatal: Atmine, Molotov, Claymore, Soscar knife?

Cards: Action_park, agentperf, Ancient, Backstab, Catedral, Climb, Cruce, Davos, Dogtown, Esports Gym, Exhume, Favela, Shooting Range, Floating Bay, Grandprix, Killhouse, Lighthouse, Luxury, Mountain Town, Narcos, Oilfield, Ridge, Runner, Saba , Salvage, Tokyo, Yellowcastle, Hydro, Museum, Swap Meet, Fishtown, Farm

Reality UK also shared ten Modern Warfare 2 screenshots, adding that the Grand Prix map appears to have at least both day and night variants.

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The leak also includes information and the key art for the long-rumored Tarkov-esque DMZ mode coming after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launches.

DMZ (fourth mode for Modern Warfare 2, coming Q1 2023)

Maps/Locations: Fortress, Hydro (apt, storage, Weapondrop), Quarry (control, office, storage), Resort, Trapper?, “gas_station”, “uav_tower”, “train”, “sam_site”

Vehicles: RHIB (basically a boat), SUV 1996 (basically an SUV, like the car), JLTV (basically a truck)

Challenges/Missions: Gone in 60 Seconds: Drive a vehicle for a full minute within a DMZ round, Breach and Clear: Kill 5 AI within 10 seconds after breaking down a door, Dom: Upload the hard drive data, Survive: Defend them Hideout, Rescue Hostage: Secure hostage, Deliver Cargo: Deliver cargo to HLZ, Elimination: Eliminate HVT, Secure Radioactive Material: Find radioactive repository. # Remaining, Destroy Supplies: Destroy two supply sites, Hunt PMC Unit: Eliminate the targeted PMC unit

Last but not least, the leak also includes a single tidbit about Warzone 2 (which appears to be interrogated in a similar way to Rainbow Six Siege) and several bits of information about Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game, which for some reason is codenamed Black Ops 6, although we don’t have one fifth entry had. Perhaps that’s because the rumored free-to-play zombie game is due out next year and will be called Black Ops 5, while Black Ops 6 is slated for 2024.

Black Ops 6


assault rifles: coslo723, aking74 (ak74?), clove, ceasyLA: pable3

Light Machine Guns: ksuger58

shotgun: moslo500

submachine gun: mparis5 (mp5?), sroger3

Sniper: sroger25, utiger, hechuk

Pistol: stiger

As a reminder, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is slated for release on October 28th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.