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Images of 2024 Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 have reportedly been leaked online

Concept art of the upcoming Call of Duty game 2024 and Modern Warfare 2 have reportedly been leaked online.

As spotted by ResetEra, despite other accounts being taken offline by DMCA strikes, Twitter user @RealiityUK shared the images over the weekend and posted a full thread of what appeared to be the shooter’s loading screens, which they say have been spotted Test files for Warzone Mobile.

If true, they reveal that Modern Warfare 2’s upcoming multiplayer maps will feature a Grand Prix, an Oilfield, and a Museum, as well as others called Codename: SABA and Hydro.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 World Gameplay Reveal Trailer.

Other locations on the map without pictures appear to be called Esports Gym, Exhume, Fallout, Favela – maybe from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2? – Shooting Range, Floating Bay, Killhouse, Lighthouse, Luxury, Mountain Town and Narcos.

The user also shared two screenshots that are also reportedly from “Treyarch’s Next Game HAHAHA”: one called Stealth – it shows flames, a familiar-looking plane and a toppled US flag – and another called Pillage, which looks like it could be a really fancy place if it weren’t for the huge hole in the wall.

“Unfortunately not every map currently has a loading screen. So I’ll post them when they’re added,” the tweeter said explained. “But there is more to come, just not as much as expected.”

As part of its ongoing fight against cheaters, the team behind Call of Duty’s server-side and kernel-level anti-cheat solution, known as Ricochet, has introduced a new damage control technique that strips a player of their guns (and fists) if the system identifies them them as cheaters.

Damage Shield, Richochet’s first major damage mitigation technique, essentially works by activating Godmode for all legitimate players whenever an imposter is spotted in-game. Cloaking, on the other hand, makes it impossible for identified cheaters to see opponents and bullets, or even hear sounds.

Activision’s flagship battle royale Warzone recently got even crazier than usual with an appearance from The Terminator. Warzone Season 4 gives you the option to play as the original T-800 or its successor, the T-1000.