Couple backs in-laws kicked out of Disney vacation

Members of a popular internet forum were quick to defend a couple who agreed to bring their nephew and niece to Disney World, but not their parents.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITeA**hole, Redditor u/teerowaway007 (aka the original poster or OP) said they were more than happy to offer their brother and sister-in-law a break from parenthood But indulge revealed how a miscommunication sent the whole family seething.

Captioned: “[Am I the a**hole] for telling mine [sister-in-law] I’m taking your kids to Disney World, but not you?” The post received nearly 7,000 upvotes and 700 comments in the last day.

The original poster wrote that they are married, financially well off, have no children, have five nieces and nephews and always try to help whenever they can.

“I do special trips for birthdays, help her parents with cleaning, gardening and cooking,” OP wrote. “My philosophy is [that] it takes a village and I can be a part of that village.”

Noting that it had been a particularly difficult year for her brother and sister-in-law, the original poster said they had offered to take their two children on vacation to give their exhausted parents a break.

Unfortunately, this offer quickly backfired.

“It’s been a tough year [for] her and mine [sister-in-law] talked about how badly they needed a break,” the OP wrote. “I had a trip to Disney World planned for fall break, so I spoke to my husband about it and offered to take their two children along as well.”

“My [sister-in-law] was excited and said she was writing to my brother to get time off from work [as soon as possible]’ OP continued. “I was confused and made it clear that I only meant it [we’d] Take the kids with you so they can have a little break.

“[She] At the end he got angry and asked: “What about us? You guys just leave us at home to do nothing while you have fun?’” OP added, along with the fact that she has banned her children from going unless she and her husband are also invited.

While rising inflation rates and record gas prices thwarted many families’ summer travel plans, others remained determined to return to where they left off before the pandemic began.

Disney World, already a premier family destination across the country, is reaping the benefits.

According to an Inside The Magic report, which showed a 67.2 percent drop in visitor numbers in 2020 and a subsequent rebound a year later, 2022 has brought overwhelming crowds, long lines and shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic despite rising costs.

Earlier this month, travel website Urban Tastebud published a series of hypothetical trips to Disney World, along with their outrageous costs.

For a “cheap” summer trip to Disney, including park tickets, lodging, food and airfare, a family of four can expect to pay $3,752, and in the off-season the same trip would cost just $49 less.

For an “expensive” summer trip, including all the same perks and accommodations, a family of four can expect to pay $6,766, and in the off-season, Urban Tastebud reports, the same trip would cost $5,722.

Aunt offers to take nieces and nephews
Members of Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum defended a couple whose offer to take their niece and nephew on vacation was rudely turned down.
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Although the original poster reassured them that they were “fine” and could afford to bring their niece and nephew to Disney World, Redditors responding to the viral post used the high cost of the trip as justification for not doing so they didn’t bring two extra adults, and called out OP’s sister. In-laws for expecting a free vacation.

“[Not the a**hole]’ wrote Redditor u/JeepNaked in the top comment of the post, which received almost 13,000 votes. “People are so crazy about spending other people’s money.”

Redditor u/rosiemewmew, whose comment received more than 3,500 votes, echoed this opinion.

“If any, [sister-in-law] is the [a**hole]”, write. “She should be thankful that her kids can enjoy a fun trip that they couldn’t afford.

“The fact [that] She won’t let her go with you, shows she’s immature and ungrateful,” they continued. “S**tty, the kids won’t be able to walk. But also remember that it is not your responsibility to pay for your trip.”

“She’s using the kids as leverage,” chimed in Redditor u/a_squid_beast, receiving more than 1,000 votes. “Hoping to manipulate OP into feeling bad enough for the kids to give in to their demands.”

In a separate comment, which garnered nearly 1,500 votes, Redditor u/Johnny-Fakehnameh reminded the original poster that initially it was about giving her brother and sister-in-law a reprieve from parenthood — not a vacation.

“Your inability to understand and appreciate the gift you are giving them (a break from the kids) does not make you an asshole in any way,” they wrote.

“You offered to give them a break by taking their kids on a fun vacation. Paying for 2 kids is very different than paying for 2 kids plus 2 adults,” added Redditor u/spell, receiving more than 1,300 votes. “They made a nice offer and you [sister-in-law] justified.”

news week contacted u/teerowaway007 for comment.