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The best Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals

Amazon Prime Day deals 2022 The Prime Day deals for PC gaming are possibly some of the best we’ve seen at a sales event in the last two years. It’s not just about a few facets of the hobby, you’ll find deals on everything that belongs in a gaming PC or laptop. Not because Jeff … Read more

Secretlab Plushcell Armrests: You Can Touch | WePC

Last updated: July 11, 2022 That’s right folks. Secretlab now sells replacement armrests for the Titan EVO 2022 series. Let’s see if they’re a worthwhile upgrade. We’ve been big fans of Secretlab here at WePC for a number of years. Their gaming chairs continue to be unmatched in terms of comfort, ergonomics and build quality. … Read more

Nvidia RTX 4080 latest spec, release date and price rumors

Last updated: July 11, 2022 It doesn’t feel like the current RTX 3080 has been around that long, but it will be two years in 2022. Maybe it’s the lack of stocks, but now let’s turn to the Nvidia RTX 4080. Specifically, we bring you the latest rumors about the RTX 4080 specs, release date … Read more

Where to Buy AMD AM5 Motherboards, AM5 Preorder & Price

Last updated: July 11, 2022 Where to buy AMD AM5 motherboards? AMD is coming soon and we wanted to consolidate all known AM5 SKUs into one place to allow for a sourcing page. Read now: AM5: What we know. AM5 is AMD’s latest and greatest CPU socket, the socket is designed to accommodate the brand … Read more

10% Off Coupon Code And Amazing Savings On Gaming PCs And Laptops

HP is hosting annual July 4th sales with amazing discounts on many of the latest models of gaming desktops and laptops, equipped with the latest Intel Alder Lake CPUs and GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards. To make the offer even sweeter, there are even 5% tiered and 10% discount codes that stack with these instant … Read more