Alaska Airlines surprises employees with 90,000 miles to travel the world – Alaska Airlines News

Alaska Airlines celebrates 90 years by making travel free for all employees.

While many of us have been told to stay home during the pandemic, airline workers have been among the essential workers staying on the front lines. Each day brought new challenges, regulations and precautions that our employees had to carefully navigate while continuing to care for our guests, communities and each other.

As we move toward a new normal — the happy sight of travelers’ pent-up desire to board a plane — Alaska is taking a moment to thank each member of staff for their 90-year relentless commitment to taking care of our guests, and growing it count 90,000 miles to fly anywhere in the world.

As we celebrate 90 years of flying, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible people working nonstop to keep things moving, even during a global pandemic,” said CEO Ben Minicucci. “When you think of how many airlines have come and gone since 1932, it’s an amazing achievement that we’re still here and stronger than ever – it’s because of the real care and hard work our people put into it every day.” bring our operations.”

Our COO Constance von Muehlen surprised some of our hard-working employees with this exciting news today!

The great thing about miles is that they never expire and offer the flexibility to travel not only in Alaska, but Alaska as well oneWorld partners such as British Airways, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Finnair and our other airline partners. Travel awards start at just 5,000 miles and can be used to book first class tickets, a relaxing stay at a hotel or tickets to an anticipated event – there are so many ways to use airline miles!

With 90,000 miles you can plan a trip to almost anywhere in the world:

  • For example, a return flight from Seattle up and down the west coast starts at just 10,000 return flights, meaning you can get up to nine return flights!
  • Round trips from Seattle to New York start at 25,000 miles, or even visit Hawaii from San Francisco from 30,000 miles round trip.
  • Would you like to travel internationally? A return flight from the west coast to Europe starts at 60,000 miles through our oneworld partner. Mileage prices vary, so search for your travel dates to see prices for the dates and cabins you want to travel in.

Watch COO Constance from Muehlen surprise some of our busy employees with this exciting news today:

Travel is what we do. This is us.
Here are some reasons why we love it:

Many of our employees work for an airline with a passion for adventure and travel. So what better way to honor 90 years of flying than with the gift of travel.

In short, we asked our network of employees to tell us why they travel and what motivates them to keep flying. We hope their answers inspire you to start planning your next trip.

I travel for nature,” says Matt, a senior software engineer in Seattle. “I try to find natural beauty wherever I go.”

I’m traveling to escape,” says Amanda, who works as an accounting specialist in Seattle. “It means I travel to get away from it all, learn new things, and then come back to appreciate the life I already have!”

I travel for Knowledge,” says Nick, an account executive in Seattle. “I’m a big science and history buff and I love nature. That’s why I travel the world visiting national parks, historical sites, museums or just amazing mountains to climb.”

I’m traveling for friends,” says Ryan, a senior information security engineer. “Because I enjoy creating unique experiences. Time is the most valuable thing I have and I like using it to create unique opportunities.”