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10 Unknown Indie Games You’ll Want To Wishlist And Play

A shot of NPCs in Mayhem On A Rainbow in Purple Madness.

picture: Lumi Finley / Kotaku

Warm welcome! It is the most famous of all national holidays, Indie Penance Day! The day major gaming websites try to balance their AAA coverage by reserving space for unknown indies. Every gaming site you don’t see hates both indie developers and America. Not us, so read on for a whole host of games to wishlist or buy.

If yes been with us On one of those great trips before, you will know that I do not endorse or review any of these games and have not played them unless otherwise noted. If you’re new, now you know that too. These are games that were sent in when I let out the fanfare that deserve further attention. Start with…

Alejandro Zielinsky

Developer: Alejandro Zielinsky

Outside now


Well here is nice. Consisting of the center of Tomb Raider GO and Monument Valley is PolyVitaa puzzle game where you rearrange the tiles of the level to build your character’s path.

It’s by Alejandro Zielinsky and it’s out iOS and Android already and in the porting process steam.

Mr. Thee

Developer: Mr Thee

Release date: late 2023


Though I don’t think either frog or toad will take this fusion well, Ollie Frog Toad Skater looks like the CUTEST skateboarding game. Sweeter even than Skatebird. The emphasis here is supposed to be on improvisation and self-expression, and she’s in a pretty precarious position with that at the moment its kickstarter. Two thirds there, one week left.

escape from the tower

Developer: Final Screw Games

Coming: Now (Steam 2023)

Games for free/Wishlist

With a name that sounds like it should already be a genre, escape from the tower is instead a combination of two others. It is a “reverse tower defense” and Line. Bet you didn’t see that coming. You play as the creatures trying to get past the defenses that follow your snake’s pattern from the start of each tower level to the descending staircase.

It’s coming to Steam next year, but you can play it completely free in your browser right now via Itch.io.

Lifetap Studios

Developer: Lifetap Studios

Release: Q4 2022


One of my absolute favorite games is the one that hasn’t been available for a long time Attack on Pearl Harbor, an arcade airplane combat sim that gruesomely disappeared about a decade ago. When then The Brewbarons immediately reminded me I wanted to.

This game sounds deliciously crazy. It involves brewing and then trying to deliver liquor to pubs while bringing down a pirate organization. And have some dogfighting antics in the air. Can not Hardly Wait.

Game Trailer / feneq

Developer: feneq

From: TBA


It’s a classic RTS game but also a roguelite deck builder. I love the look of the art here, a bit like something more evolved Darwinia, with a squillion units on screen at a time. Then there are deck-based attacks and the ever-looming threat of it ending in failure, as his villain desires.

chaos on a rainbow

Developer: Lumi family

Release: 2022


I’m quite taken with the plot here. A VR Metaverse game – Haven – has developed a virus that causes the NPCs to turn on the players and the game to be shut down by its developers. You stay in a very silly looking first person shooter/helicopter trying to find the source of the virus. Also it says chaos on a rainbow.

Petal Cat Games

Developer: Petal Cat Games

From: TBA


If you’d asked me ten years ago, “What do you think will have replaced all these zombie games in a decade?” My answer wouldn’t have been “farming.” Because I’m not a fortune teller. research history fits right into that category, a very cute look harvest moon-me-do, about identifying plants, growing crops, making friends and taming animals.

Lemonade Flashbang

Developer: Lemonade Flashbang

Release: end of 2022


What are your plans for the apocalypse? If your immediate answer is party, then I have a game for you. The doomsday paradise bills itself as a multiplayer role-playing game that can be played at will. You can team up, compete against each other, or remove the fight altogether while you and your friends defer saving for the world to have a good time.

Sort of game

Developer: Eric Anderson

Release: 2023


The idea of ​​learning Japanese scares me. First, because I’m miserable in all languages ​​except the one I happen to be born in, and second, because I don’t even see a starting point. But look So to speak! It’s a game about deciphering Japanese by using context clues, listening to people and putting things together like a puzzle. What fascinated me.


Developer: Alchemist Interactive / Rokaplay

Release: Summer 2022


This looks like the magician’s game Warner has tried and failed for the past decade. A couch co-op spellcasting action-adventure in which you must save a wizarding school, here Greifenstein, from a plague of magical creatures. It looks like it’s the greatest sims add-on pack ever came out.