Ultrarunner proposes to his girlfriend after traveling 3,000 miles on the east coast

Shan Riggs and Joshuaine (Josh) Grant’s 3,000-mile journey along the East Coast Greenway turned out to be a love story like no other.

The ultrarunner and cyclist left Key West, Florida on April 16 and arrived in Calais, Maine 78 days later. The expedition ended with Riggs getting on one knee and asking his route partner to marry him, and a resounding ‘yes’ from Grant.

“Totally shocked. I was very surprised,” Grant told USA TODAY Sports Days after accompanying Riggs on her bike throughout the Greenway route and transporting her supplies with a trailer.

“He (Riggs) just ran 3,000 miles and getting on your knees and getting up after all those miles isn’t easy,” Grant said.

Side by side, Riggs and Grant covered 40-50 miles a day.

“We did well as a team,” said Riggs. “And we’re pretty solid. So the whole trip kind of confirms what I think we mostly knew.”