How to decide if it’s cheaper to drive or fly this summer

photo: anon_tae (Shutterstock) Now that we are in the third summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, some people who weren’t cozy traveling in 2020 or 2021 have opted to do so this year. Unfortunately, a combination of factors — including high gas prices, a shortage of rental cars, rising airfares and fewer flights — mean that … Read more

Don’t let your pandemic travel credits go to waste

photo: NAN728 (Shutterstock) Travel by any means is crazy now, so you might not be thinking of booking a trip anytime soon. Or maybe you are revenge travel and booking Everyone of trips – either way, if you have e-credits or vouchers from trips that have been canceled during the pandemic, you should probably use … Read more

These credit cards have the best built-in travel insurance

photo: Motif56 (Shutterstock) Traveling is a mess right now, and with so many things going wrong, it’s entirely possible you’re stuck somewhere overnight or your luggage is delayed on an upcoming trip. Of course, you can always take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover any additional costs you may incur, but many credit cards have … Read more

Why you should check in your bags as late as possible

photo: catwalk photos (Shutterstock) As a rule of thumb, I try never to check bags when I fly, but there are times when it’s just unavoidable. The subsequent trip to the baggage carousel is also unavoidable. You know the scene: the area is littered with your weary fellow travelers, eager to get their bags so … Read more

How to See Rare “Noctilucent” Clouds Thanks to Climate Change

photo: Anna Anika (Shutterstock) The age of the noctilucent cloud is upon us. Noctilucent clouds are historically rare, beautiful formations of shimmering ice crystals that hang in the upper atmosphere and have only been visible in northern parts of the world for years past. However, they have been steadily creeping south for four decades, so … Read more

Should you choose a hotel or an Airbnb for your next trip?

photo: Davizro photography (Shutterstock) One of the many decisions when traveling is: Airbnb or hotel? While you’re probably considering the obvious like location, availability, and cost, there are many other factors that can affect your experience. Of course, if all you care about is the final bill, you can simply choose the accommodation that offers … Read more

Surprising Foods You Can (And Can’t) Get You Through Airport Security.

photo: Milosz Maslanka (Shutterstock) With staff shortages coupled with the highest volume of travel that the country has seen since Before the pandemic, experts expect air travel to be downright “chaotic” this summer.” With long security waits on the horizon, the The Transportation Security Administration is already warning Prevent air travelers from accidentally carrying prohibited … Read more

Maybe you should just mail your luggage

photo: Maurizio Milanesio (Shutterstock) Air travel is both a triumph of human engineering and a prime example of the frustrations of modern life. On the one hand, a huge metal tube lifts into the air and transports you at incredible speed. On the other hand you have to resort to various hacks to make the … Read more

How to avoid the worst of this summer’s travel hell

photo: Jim Lambert (Shutterstock) While 2022 travel looked promising, with reopening of borders and more international travel opportunities, you might want to make this another summer of stays. A whole host of factors (er, supply and demand) are wreaking havoc at airports and rental kiosks across the country, costing travelers a great deal of time … Read more

The airlines will most likely suck, according to data from the Department of Transportation

photo: ThamKC (Shutterstock) If you are booking a summer trip and have a choice of similarly priced tickets on different airlinesit pays to do some homework first. The Department of Transport recently announced its Air Travel Consumer Reportand meincluded in his knowledge is data about the Quality of the services offered by each airline. That … Read more