Japan wants to bring artificial gravity to the moon

Lunar Glass is the proposed project that will simulate gravity using centrifugal force. gif: Kajima Corporation/Gizmodo Interest in the moon was rekindled lately, and Japan wants to join in the fun. Researchers and engineers from Kyoto University and the Kajima Corporation has released their joint proposal for a three-pronged approach to sustainability person Life on … Read more

Steam Deck’s web browser is in dire need of an update

screenshot: Valve/Mozilla/Kotaku As reported by Gaming on Linuxand kept chatting Reddit, the Steam Deck has a small security issue regarding its rather outdated version of Firefox. Valve has reportedly promised a fix, but it won’t come until the next SteamOS update. This is far from ideal. The current version of the popular non-Chrome browser is … Read more

Honda hackers learned how to unlock cars and start them remotely

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability Honda Vehicles that could allow hackers to do so unlock doors and start the cars away. The vulnerability was named “RollingPWN‘, and it affects all Honda models released between 2012 and 2022, according to the researchers. Honda is not too happy with the results; The Japanese automaker claims the bug … Read more

Nanoracks conducts first test of ISS waste disposal technology

A bag of ISS debris is dropped from Bishops Airlock on July 2, 2022. gif: Nanoracks/Gizmodo The private space company Nanoracks has announced the successful first test of new technology for removing debris from the International Space Station. That International Space Station may seem glamorous, but astronauts aboard the orbital outpost still have to take … Read more

No major updates for Red Dead Online

screenshot: Rockstar Games Rockstar Games has confirmed what many have already suspected: there will be no major content updates for Red Dead Online move forward. Instead, the company is shifting resources to focus on the next tranche in the pipeline Grand Theft Autoo series. It also confirmed that more updates and quality of life improvements … Read more

Video game industry isn’t ‘recession-proof’, sales will fall in 2022

The PlayStation 5 logo pictured at a store in Krak√≥w, Poland. Nurphoto | Getty Images Video game sales are set to fall annually for the first time in years as another industry that boomed in the coronavirus era faces the bleak prospect of a recession. According to a study by market data firm Ampere Analysis, … Read more

EA’s horrific meme tweet has angered many developers and executives

picture: EA / Kotaku Do you remember last week? It happened about 34 years ago, so I understand if you don’t. But last Thursday The official EA Twitter account tweeted a bad joke about single player games that led to an internet-wide toast and eventually an apology from the battlefield Publisher. And apparently EA is … Read more

Your next Android phone’s lock screen might be filled with ads

Glance displays dynamic content on the lock screen. But who asked for it? screenshot: View While it’s true that the Android lock screen could use a little pep talk since Apple uncovered what it does for iOS isn’t what we thought it would be. Corresponding TechCrunchMobile advertising company Glance plans to roll out its lockscreen … Read more

When Will Gold Games Remove Xbox 360 Games?

picture: Microsoft/Lionhead Microsoft announced this week that it will no longer offer monthly free Xbox 360 games as part of its Games With Gold program starting in October. Emails announcing the news have been sent to Xbox Live subscribers, and Microsoft promises to keep giving out free Xbox One games in the future. Games With … Read more

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider discover three new exotic particles

A corridor containing a section of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.photo: VALENTIN FLAURAUD / AFP (Getty Images) PPhysicists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider announced today that tThe discovery of three exotic particles that could help in the revelation bind together like quarks. One particle is a pentaquark (a hadron made up of five quarks), … Read more