Heathrow faces another summer travel chaos as staff go on strike in July

Heathrow Airport faces further chaos this summer after workers who fuel planes voted to wage a 72-hour strike and 1,500 British Airways flights were cancelled. Aviation Fuel Services (AFS) workers supported a strike on July 21 over a refusal to raise wages, union Unite said. It added that this will likely result in “significant disruption … Read more

Give airlines freedom to compete with each other and end travel chaos

Even before schools are closed or the holiday season really gets underway, airlines are buckled under the strain. EasyJet is reducing its flights because it can’t find staff to get the planes airborne, and even if it does get one off the runway, sandwiches will likely run out. Baggage piles up at Heathrow. It can … Read more

Europe’s travel chaos – POLITICO

This is not a happy time in European transport. Airports are reporting hour-long queues at check-in and through passenger screening, airlines are canceling flights, air traffic controllers are threatening resignation, rail and subway workers are also on strike. From Brussels to Warsaw, Amsterdam to London, there are some common causes of anger and chaos – … Read more

Maybe you should just mail your luggage

photo: Maurizio Milanesio (Shutterstock) Air travel is both a triumph of human engineering and a prime example of the frustrations of modern life. On the one hand, a huge metal tube lifts into the air and transports you at incredible speed. On the other hand you have to resort to various hacks to make the … Read more

NASA’s plan to bring ingenuity through the Martian winter

Ingenuity, NASA is autonomous Mars helicopter, should only make five flights. But since its historic maiden flight in April 2021, the helicopter has flown 28 times and preparations are underway for the 29th. Depending on dust levels and the Perseverance rover’s schedule, this flight could take place as early as later this week. But now … Read more

Changi Airport Terminal 4 will reopen in September this year

SINGAPORE: Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 is set to reopen in September this year, Changi Airport Group (CAG) announced on Friday (June 10). Terminal 4 operations were suspended in May 2020 due to the sharp drop in air traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A month earlier, Terminal 2 operations were similarly suspended to allow for … Read more

How to avoid the worst of this summer’s travel hell

photo: Jim Lambert (Shutterstock) While 2022 travel looked promising, with reopening of borders and more international travel opportunities, you might want to make this another summer of stays. A whole host of factors (er, supply and demand) are wreaking havoc at airports and rental kiosks across the country, costing travelers a great deal of time … Read more

The airlines will most likely suck, according to data from the Department of Transportation

photo: ThamKC (Shutterstock) If you are booking a summer trip and have a choice of similarly priced tickets on different airlinesit pays to do some homework first. The Department of Transport recently announced its Air Travel Consumer Reportand meincluded in his knowledge is data about the Quality of the services offered by each airline. That … Read more