Someone dropped a C8 Corvette Interior into a ’92 Chevy Camaro

If you were to compare the interior of almost any modern car to one from the early ’90s, it would be like comparing a slide rule to a smartphone. Modern car interiors, especially those with high-tech infotainment systems, are infinitely more complex than the car interiors of the 1990s. Trying to swap a C8 Corvette interior into a ’92 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z and get it all working seems like a Herculean task. And yet that’s exactly what the team at Stitched by Slick managed to do.

Stitched by Slick is a South Carolina tuning shop known for pretty intense builds. They famously did Snoop Dogg’s ’58 Lincoln Continental with a Bentley interior and an LS3 swap. So if anyone could put a C8 interior in an old IROC, it would be her.

The car is nicknamed “IROC-Z06”, which is a bit confusing as it doesn’t have a Z06 engine, nor does its interior come from a Z06. However, it has the 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine from a C5 Corvette. Its interior is carried over from the latest generation mid-engined C8 Corvette, but it’s been modified a bit, not only to match the Camaro, but to add a bit of style and functionality. Materials have been reupholstered in a very light “Maui” blue that covers the entire cabin, and the screen has been replaced with an iPad, although the C8’s screen casing still appears to have survived.

The most impressive thing about this C8 Corvette swap is that most of it is is working. The amount of wiring and modification to make an extremely complicated modern C8 interior fit and work in an IROC is immense and impressive. I’m not just talking about window switches and radio knobs, though. The gear buttons are fully functional and control the IROC’s four-speed automatic gearbox exactly as they would the C8’s eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox (although the manual shift function isn’t shown in the video, so I’m not sure if that works). Even the electronic doorknobs work and open the door like a C8.

Obviously some changes had to be made to the cabin, e.g. B. adding climate controls on the driver’s side of the transmission tunnel instead of the C8’s single row of buttons, and converting the C8’s drive mode button into a volume control. The steering wheel is also from a C7 Corvette, which is not screeching Wheel from a C8 (which is actually a very welcome replacement). But everything else works and there’s even a working climate control app in the infotainment iPad, as well as a digital instrument cluster.

Swapping a C8 Corvette interior into a ’92 Camaro doesn’t seem like fun, but Stitched by Slick was apparently up to the challenge and could pull it off. It might not be as plush as a Bentley-swapped Continental, but it’s still pretty impressive.