Rumored features of the Apple Watch Series 8

We’re probably just two months away from the official announcement of the next-gen iPhone and Apple Watch. When it comes to the new Apple Watch Series 8, rumors suggest that this year’s model won’t be a significant upgrade compared to the Series 7, but there will certainly be some changes. With that in mind, which supposed Apple Watch Series 8 features are you most looking forward to?

What the rumors say

For users who already have an Apple Watch Series 7, the Series 8 doesn’t seem like an exciting upgrade. Based on multiple reports, Apple will keep the same design as the current generation. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to feature the same processor as the Series 7, which is already identical to the Series 6.

In other words, the Apple Watch Series 8 will likely look and function the same as an Apple Watch Series 7. So what exactly will change?

According to a recent rumor, the Apple Watch Series 8 will have at least one new model with a larger 1.99-inch screen. This would make a 50 millimeter watch. However, it’s unclear if Apple will offer 41mm, 45mm, and 50mm versions of the Series 8, if the 50mm model will replace the 45mm model, or if the 50mm Model will be a completely new version of the Apple Watch.

With some analysts still believing Apple has been working on a rugged edition of the Apple Watch geared towards extreme sports, the larger screen could be reserved for this model.

Apple has also reportedly tested a new body temperature sensor for the Apple Watch Series 8. The sensor would allow the Apple Watch to alert users if there was a chance they might have a fever. But acc Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the watch does not display specific temperature readings like a thermometer, to avoid regulation by the FDA and other health authorities.

There are also rumors that the Apple Watch Series 8 will get a new low power mode that is smarter and less radical than the current power reserve mode.

Apple Watch Series 8 wish list

Rumoured Apple Watch Series 8 unveiled.

Of course, we also have our own Apple Watch Series 8 wish list, which isn’t exactly based on any rumours. I personally agree that Apple will stick with the same processor for another year since the Apple Watch doesn’t need a super powerful CPU and GPU. However, it annoys me that the battery situation has been the same since the very first Apple Watch.

It is complicated to put a larger battery in the Apple Watch without changing the design since it is an extremely compact device. A new processor that is more efficient than the current one could help extend battery life.

Some people also seem to want a new design for the Apple Watch, as rumors of a new, flat design are circulating. Will the Rugged Edition Apple Watch have a new design?

In addition, there are rumors of an updated Apple Watch SE with a new chip, but keeping the same design as the current model.

Which rumored feature are you most looking forward to?

Now that you know the latest rumours, what do you expect from the Apple Watch Series 8? Share your thoughts in the poll and also in the comments section below.

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