Ready Or Not is back on Steam after it was removed for alleged trademark infringement, developers say

Tactical first-person shooter Ready Or Not disappeared from Steam on June 16, prompting a flurry of rumors as to why. Now it’s back, and the developers say the removal was because “a removal request was made through Steam regarding a proposed trademark infringement in our current Night Club map.”

Let’s start at the beginning. In an update released on June 12, New Zealand developers Void Interactive added a pre-made version of a nightclub map to Ready Or Not, among other things. Then, on June 16th, both the game and its store pages disappeared, meaning the owners couldn’t continue playing it.

Void Interactive announced that the game was offline on the same day, but did not explain the reason for the removal, and just said they were “investigating” it. Rumors quickly spread on social media that the removal was due to the nightclub’s completed map being added to the game on the anniversary of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. That seemed unlikely as Valve are both happy to have all sorts of vile shit on Steam and the club card has been whiteboxed in game for months.

The rumor spread fast enough that Void Interactive released a statement explaining the removal on Twitter:

“We would like to address the rumors of the shutdown of Ready Or Not and related pages on Steam that took place on Thursday, June 16,” the statement begins.

“A takedown request was made through Steam regarding a proposed trademark infringement in our recent Night Club map shared as part of our recent Steam update. We take IP concerns very seriously and have made the good faith decision to remove the material in question and any reference to it from Ready Or Not and from our social media or other publications.”

The statement doesn’t say who claimed the injury, but comments from players on Twitter suggest the in-game nightclub used a name similar to that of an actual nightclub chain in the UK.

Now that Ready Or Not is back on Steam, the offending content has presumably been removed, although developer videos of the update remain offline until they can be edited. For details on the other new additions to the update, continue to check out the March 12th Steam patch notes.