Random: The world’s first “NFT Console” has a very familiar looking logo

Gamecube system 1
Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

It happens, okay. Polium, a Web 3 company (Web 3 is an idea of ​​a new version of the internet we know today with a form distributed on the blockchain) this weekend unveiled the first-ever NFT video game console.

Dubbed Polium One, this little black box is said to be “a multi-chain console for web-3 gaming” and will have both existing and exclusive games on the system when it launches sometime in 2024. And while the console has drawn some criticism online, some of you eagle-eyed Twitter users have spotted some similarities between Polium’s logo and that of a specific Nintendo console.

Just take a closer look at the box or the middle button of the controller in the tweet below. Turn it around a bit. Add a line. Do you see it?

Maybe “do you hear it?” might be a better question if you’re familiar with the GameCube’s startup sound. If you flip Polium’s logo and draw a line down the middle – ta-da! And it didn’t take long for people to start digging into the company because of the similarities.

@OddOttAllen even followed our instructions and showed how the logo could possibly be “inspired” by the GameCube’s iconic box-G.

Polium today responded to claims that the company “copied” the GameCube’s logo by outlining its plans for the blockchain console on social media, explaining that the “P” shape is for Polium and the cube is in the middle for the sale of the console stand -point — NFTs and blockchain.

Even though Polium has announced that it will change its logo and come up with something original, do you think people have stopped teasing the company online? Of course not. We can sometimes rely on Twitter for a good afternoon laugh, especially when it comes to Nintendo.

The GameCube isn’t the only logo Polium’s logo has been compared to. Minecraft fans were also quick to point out that Polium One’s lowercase “P” is more than a little reminiscent of PebbleHost’s own, a well-known reputable server hosting service used for Minecraft.

Or maybe Polium is just a big fan of UK-based publisher PQube, who helped bring games like New Super Lucky’s Tale and Cat Quest to Switch and who’s releasing the upcoming Potion Permit.

It’s certainly a fairly popular logo shape, but even if it’s a coincidence, it’s hard to ignore the similarities to these designs, particularly the GameCube, which has long established itself as an iconic logo for video game consoles.

We have to see what the new logo for the Polium One will look like.