Portals and Opportunities | Advantages and disadvantages

The CERN team is again conducting 24/7 experiments at the newly upgraded Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Maximilian Brice/CERN

There is a big discussion going on on social media about July 5, 2022. On that day, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, will launch the third run of its large Hadron Collider. This machine has had a 3 year hiatus for upgrades and maintenance. The collider was built in 2008 and has conducted many experiments. In 2012, it was able to discover a rare particle called the Higgs boson. Scientists were so excited by this discovery that they nicknamed the particle the “God Particle”. For the July 5 run, the collider is expected to hit a new world energy record of 13.6 trillion electron volts (13.6 TeV) in some of its collisions. Basically, this acceleration will allow the collider to smash together billions and billions of protons to create the Higgs particle, as well as other particles they believe formed in the early universe.

Social media like TicTok, YouTube, and platforms like Reddit have fueled ongoing discussions and theories about what might happen as a result of this energy. The prevailing assertion is that, similar to a black hole, a portal will open allowing “dark matter” to enter our field. So we are being warned to avoid “low energy” on July 5th. Avoid controversy, avoid arguments, and avoid anything that might bring you down. Social media warns that low energy people will suffer the most and will behave erratically and potentially violently.

I wonder what else we can think about in this already crazy world we’ve been living in for the past two years. I never thought I would live through a pandemic. I never imagined that our city would be closed for almost 12 months with a very slow return to almost normalcy. In fact, we will never be the same as we were before 2020.

When I found out about this CERN event, I researched things I had never known before. I was intrigued by the emphasis on the collier’s accelerated velocity potentially producing or detecting “dark matter”. According to NASA, dark matter is made up of particles that don’t absorb, reflect, or emit light, so they can’t be detected. Dark matter is matter that cannot be seen directly.

So what they are basically saying is that on July 5th there will be this huge event where there will be an acceleration that has never happened before and potentially discovering particles that we have never been able to identify before, but definitely in it were involved in our world.

OK, I’m interested. Coincidentally, this event will have a film director and screening of Particle Fever and will be available to watch online on July 3rd.

There will be a live webcast on July 4th continuing the countdown to the big event. I’m not sure I’ll adapt to that. Instead, I pull out my book chariot of the gods, by Erich von Döniken. This book is a must. It was written in the late 60’s and I think I’ve read it at least 12 times. This collider, portal, dark matter and black hole stuff makes me think about this book. Chariots of the Gods is all about world mysteries. How civilizations centuries ago were able to construct things with great precision.

I once visited Chichen Itza, which is on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. I was able to climb the ruins and walk through the amazing observatory called El Caracol. This planetarium was built, if you will, with such precise astrological knowledge that scientists to this day cannot explain how such a primitive group as the Mayans could have built it. All of its window openings follow the celestial bodies and have astrological significance. In addition, the hieroglyphs in this area are amazing.

Hieroglyphs from the Temple of Copan depict a modern space astronaut with flame and gas emanating from his feet, suggesting propulsion (from chariot of the gods.)

in the chariot of the gods, there is a photo of a hieroglyph that looks like a man in a space suit. The question is, how would such a primitive civilization know? Furthermore, many historians cannot definitively explain what eventually happened to the Mayans. Some catastrophic events happened and wiped out most of them.

So what are you doing on July 5th? Most of us will return to work that day. I think it’s definitely good advice to keep your energy high. No need to let that pesky dark energy into your world.