Nvidia RTX 4080 latest spec, release date and price rumors

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It doesn’t feel like the current RTX 3080 has been around that long, but it will be two years in 2022. Maybe it’s the lack of stocks, but now let’s turn to the Nvidia RTX 4080.

Specifically, we bring you the latest rumors about the RTX 4080 specs, release date and price. What to look forward to in the latest best graphics cards.

We expect the 4080 to be just as popular as the 3080, probably being at the top of the more affordable range. If the 4090 were similar to the 3090, it would most likely be expensive for what it offers the average user.


RTX 4080 Spec Rumors

For the latest RTX 4080 specs, we’ll have to turn to the rumor mill. With some users offering fairly accurate and up-to-date information.

While this may be the latest news, it is subject to change. Nvidia is known for keeping things under wraps or letting people guess.

The last parts, which were unknown until the announcement, should primarily be the topic of price. However, we make sure to update this with the latest offers.

Nvidia card leaks and rumors are mostly spread by user kopite7kimi on Twitter. If you have suggestions, they have insider knowledge or connections to current events in the company.