Newegg launches Gaming PC Finder

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a leading global technology e-commerce retailer, today announced the launch of Gaming PC Finder, a dedicated personalization tool on to help customers understand gaming PC components to support and performance options for a more informed PC purchase.

The new Gaming PC Finder can be found here:

Gaming PC buyers can now easily understand the needs, options and features of gaming PCs on the Newegg website for both direct and marketplace sales. To help customers find the gaming PC that best suits their interests and budget, Gaming PC Finder asks users to specify their monitor resolution and select up to four of their favorite PC games from the most popular games of the moment. Based on customer selection, the tool provides suitable gaming PC recommendations.

Gaming PC Finder ranks PC builds based on performance expectations to improve buyer understanding.

Newegg’s rating system and the amount of games it offers to determine PC gaming preferences for optimal component performance are innovative to the market.

Newegg’s personalization tool also offers a unique feature that allows users to enter their current CPU and GPU to compare it to the recommended CPU and GPU and understand the benefits of an upgrade. Frames per second and score details are shown to understand the upgrade opportunity.

“Buying a new gaming PC can be daunting with all the system options available and the decisions to make. We educate customers and minimize challenges through a wealth of information to truly personalize the experience and give players exactly what they want,” said Oscar Wong, Senior Director, Product Management at Newegg. “The tool is simple and easy. All the necessary information is provided to enable customers to understand the decision-making process and select the PC that is most suitable for them.”

“Every PC gamer wants the best possible experience, but may not have the expertise to determine the optimal components,” Wong said. “Gaming PC Finder is designed to empower and educate buyers on the components and budgets required for their favorite games.”

Newegg has built its business catering to PC build enthusiasts. Gaming PC Finder provides utility for both new PC enthusiasts starting their first build and seasoned DIY enthusiasts alike by analyzing the system features and requirements of selected games and taking much of the guesswork out of part selection.

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