NBA Free Agency: Dallas Mavericks listed as admirers of Kyrie Irving

The Mavericks are on the shortlist of applicants for former All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving’s basketball services, according to Athletic and Stadium’s Shams Charania.

The all-star point guard has played in over 600 games during his NBA career, averaging 23 points on 40% shooting (including an impressive 39% from long range) while dishing out just under six assists per game. He has spent the last three seasons with the Brooklyn Nets and unfortunately only played 103 games for various reasons.

Kyrie Irving has to be one of the basketball players I’ve heard the least from in recent years. After scoring the largest single shot in NBA Finals history in Game 7 of 2016, he became more of an idea than a basketball player. He’s fought his way out of Cleveland, dismantled an enduring Boston Celtics culture and exhausted his reception with the Brooklyn Nets. He seemingly reluctantly opted for the final year of his $37 million contract last week to plan his next move while making big bucks.

As this offseason went for Dallas Maverick, I got the idea to see Kyrie Irving as a basketball player. Now, understand that I’m not thinking about the mechanics right now, aside from the fact that any trade for Irving can’t include future first-round picks. The quicksilver Irving has given the impression lately that he’d prefer a Lebron James reunion at some point, so he’s trading for a 30-year-old point guard with an odd injury history and offering tips on when to walk away, just like Jalen Brunson is not smart. That was a long paragraph for someone who “don’t think about the mechanics of all this”.

The maddening part of the Kyrie Irving experience wasn’t the basketball element. He’s not as consistent as one would like, but offensively he’s a magician with the ball who pairs with Luka Doncic as well as anyone could. He’s poor defensively, but it’s a move you’re hoping the team can avoid. He’s a top-class basketball talent, there’s no question about that. It’s just that literally everything else surrounding Kyrie Irving comes with a sense of irritation. While basketball is his job, it’s clearly not his calling, it even seems to bore him. He has main character syndrome at all times and can’t seem to help but make headlines.

But if the Mavericks could cut some longer contracts and rent him for a year… I wouldn’t hate it at this point. At the moment the Mavericks have two players that I think are very good at dribbling: Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie. Everyone else gets the Stanley from the Office Dribbling GIF. This ability is not a problem I have with Irving. He could really help! Heck, when he played for Jason Kidd, he could really figure out some things!

And let’s say it happens and Irving becomes a maverick and it ends up the way it was everywhere because he seems to be his own worst enemy? Well then I have to say I told you all because I haven’t bothered with the player in years. Oh, and the Mavericks could take a significant step back, end up in the lottery and call up Victor Wembanyama. All round a win.