Kevin Durant shares rumours: Warriors stars have spoken to KD but reunion unlikely, according to report

This summer’s NBA offseason was all about trades, and we’ve already seen a number of blockbusters over the past few days. The biggest deals are yet to come, however, as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s futures with the Brooklyn Nets are at stake.

As one of the best players in the league and with four years left on his contract, Durant is expected to post one of the greatest trading returns in league history. The problem is that such a trade is not easy. Few teams have the talent and capital required to close a deal without destroying their roster.

Ironically, one of them is the Golden State Warriors. A return for Durant to the Bay Area after his dramatic departure a few years ago would be quite the story, and even he and his former teammates couldn’t avoid discussing the possibility. However, according to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II, such a result is “highly unlikely”.

The Warriors superstars have held talks with Durant. In addition to catching up, the Hall of Fame-bound peers had the idea of ​​a reunion. It was mainly about the breathtaking nature that it is even possible. The idea of ​​them playing together again had to seem impossible when Durant left free agency in 2019. It hasn’t escaped them how life has created an opportunity for them to come full circle. They see it like everyone else and have spoken about it like everyone else.

This isn’t a case of the Warriors stars pressuring the front office to take on Durant. Sources made it clear they are doing well defending their title with Wiggins, Poole and the young players they have nurtured to win with them. But if the universe somehow arranges for the legends to reunite, they’d be open to it.

That being said, according to multiple sources within the Warriors organization, a reunion is highly unlikely.

While the Warriors’ draft picks probably won’t be very valuable for the next few years, especially if they acquire Durant, they could send a bunch of them. Also, they have all sorts of young players who could help the Nets win now and in the future: Jordan Poole, James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, etc. (Andrew Wiggins failed to include, while the Nets also have Ben Simmons due of rules preventing two players who have been awarded a Designated Rookie Max contract from playing on the same team.)

In recent years, however, the Warriors’ owners and front office have taken a firm stance against selling young talent. Even if the team looks like a contender, as of last season’s deadline, they wouldn’t ask any of them for the help of a veteran. They won the title anyway, but that decision was another reminder of their confidence in their prospects.

The Warriors want to win now and in the future and have spoken openly about two timelines. Cashing in all of her young talent for Durant would greatly increase her title chances over the next few seasons, but given Durant’s age and current core, put a pretty firm end date in her window. Some might disagree with that thought process, but the Warriors are firm in their beliefs and buoyed by last season’s title.

We’ve learned that in the NBA you never say never, but it’s hard to imagine the Warriors stepping back from their long-term plan after so much investment.