Intel Arc A770M and A550M finally enter the test phase, first 3DMark results appear

Intel may soon be launching its high-end Alchemist mobile phone

hardware leak @_rogame discovered first 3DMark entries with Intel’s still unreleased Arc A770M/A550M GPUs.

The mobile Intel Arc Alchemist series has only been partially launched in China so far. This is slowly starting to change as Intel moves its entry-level A370M GPUs to other markets, however the more powerful variants based on the larger Alchemist GPU: A550M, A730M and A770M are still hard to find.

Rogame’s leak includes A550M and A770M GPUs in 3DMark software. Unfortunately, both results leave more questions than answers, but that means these cards have now entered the testing phase, further suggesting that launch should be a matter of weeks, not months.

Intel Arc A770M & A550M GPUs in 3DMark, Source: @_rogame

A550M much slower than A730M

The A550M SKU with half the ACM G10 GPU cores (16 Xe cores) scored 6017 in 3DMark Time Spy with an older 1726 driver. Unfortunately, this test was run with Intel APO (Advanced Performance Optimizations) enabled, which basically invalidates it according to 3DMark rules.

Based on what we’ve seen previously, APO translates into a roughly 15% better score. On the other hand, when compared to A730M with APO (as tested here), A730M is still 67% faster than A550M with 50% more cores.

A770M as good as RTX 3070M in 3DMark (only)

Well, when it comes to Intel Arc A770M, it was tested in Fire Strike Extreme where it scored 13244 points in graphics. In fact, this is roughly the same score as the RTX 3070 laptop GPU running the same CPU (Core i7-12700H) based on the data in the 3DMark database (image below). This discrete GPU has been tested with a test driver (version 9999) that is typically used by OEMs and system integrators before new hardware is released. However, it is unclear whether APO is specifically enabled in this version.

NVIDIA RTX 3070M with i7-12700H in the 3DMark ranking, source: 3DMark

However, it should be noted that the official performance of the A770M has already been confirmed by Intel. This card should be 12% faster than the RTX 3060M on average in games. So leaked 3DMark results are again way off the mark with real-world gaming tests, where Intel clearly still has a lot of room for improvement.

Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile specifications Bow A350M Bow A370M Arch A550M Bow A730M Bow A770M
graphic card ACM-G11 ACM-G11 ACM-G10 ACM-G10 ACM-G10
Xe cores
execution units
FP32 cores
GPU clock
memory size
memory bus

Source: @_rogame