Infineon and Delta strengthen cooperation on WBG-based server and gaming PC power solutions

July 8, 2022

Global megatrends such as digitization and decarbonization require wide bandgap (WBG) (SiC/GaN) devices. Due to their unique properties, they enable maximum performance with simultaneous energy efficiency. With a view to these two areas, Infineon Technologies AG from Munich and the power supply manufacturer Delta Electronics Inc have intensified their cooperation.

Recent examples of their collaboration include Delta’s 1.4kW server power supply and a 1.6kW Titan gaming power platform. The 1.4 kW server power supply leverages Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFET technology and Delta’s decades of core expertise in power electronics to achieve over 96% efficiency. Another argument for top efficiency is the 1.6 kW gaming power platform, powered by Infineon’s CoolGaN technology, complemented by EiceDRIVER gate driver ICs. The efficiency of this design reaches 96% with wide-range input and multi-output, meeting the Titanium standard in the industrial field. This is made possible by Infineon’s CoolGaN Gate-Injected Transistor (GIT) 600V Enhancement-Mode High Electron Mobility Transistor (E-mode HEMT) matched in a nested totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) topology.

Infineon's 600V CoolGaN E-mode HEMT in a HSOF-8 package (left) and Infineon's 650V CoolSiC MOSFET device in a TO247 4-pin package (right)

Image: Infineon’s 600V CoolGaN E-mode HEMT in a HSOF-8 package (left) and Infineon’s 650V CoolSiC MOSFET device in a TO247 4-pin package (right)

Both design examples demonstrate how Infineon’s broad, performance-driven portfolio of WBG devices, together with Delta’s potential for system innovation, can enable new levels of efficiency to meet and exceed the needs of modern applications, the companies say. By deepening their collaboration, both companies are aiming for a leadership position in WBG-based platforms through cost-effective, robust solutions backed by the reputed highest supply stability.

“Given our commitment to invest over 8% of our annual revenue in R&D-based innovation, Delta’s power solutions for servers and gaming PCs offer the high-quality and highly efficient components needed to build a bespoke, reliable and energy-efficient infrastructure that meets our expectations Customers,” claims Jimmy Yiin, VP & General Manager of Delta’s Power and Systems Business Group. “To succeed in such an extremely competitive environment, we need to work with highly trusted, best-in-class component suppliers with deep system understanding and offer fully customized solutions for application-specific requirements. Infineon’s comprehensive portfolio of WBG products has enabled it to achieve industry-leading energy efficiency for many of our customers’ applications,” he adds.

“Our production scale and technological excellence, combined with a focus on quality and reliability at every step of the value chain, are the key factors behind the success of our wide-bandgap semiconductor business and are highly valued by our customers,” says Johannes Schoiswohl, head of the Efficient business unit Power Supplies, Isolation & Connectivity from Infineon’s Power & Sensor Systems Division. “By applying rigorous qualification and reliability testing procedures to our devices, beyond the standard JEDEC qualification, we can predict the long-term behavior of our WBG devices and ensure field reliability throughout the product lifecycle. We are excited about the opportunities our collaboration with Delta offers us in the server and gaming markets.”

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