Here’s how to find the best deals on gaming PCs and laptops this Amazon Prime Day

We’re starting the season of summer deals again. It started with a few July 4th sales from companies like HP, Dell, and others. We’re releasing a few tasty bites, but we’ll get to the main course soon, as Amazon Prime Day is scheduled to last from July 12-13. That’s more than a day, but still. That’s going to roll into the back-to-school season, and before you know it we’ll be gearing up for Black Friday.

One thing we saw with this initial salvo of sales is that there is a large delta between the cheapest and most expensive bids for what is supposedly the same kit. For example gaming PCs (opens in new tab) Packing an RTX 3060 starts at just $848 for devices like the HP Pavilion TG01 (opens in new tab) and go up to $1,549 for the Omen 45L (opens in new tab), also from the HP stable. That’s almost twice as much.