God of War Ragnarok producer asks fans to ‘please be patient’

Kratos fights Freya, the witch of the forest.

OMG relax already!
picture: Sony Santa Monica Studios

for the past week, God of War: Ragnarok is trending on Twitter, although there is no definitive news from developer Sony Santa Monica Studio. Instead, there has just been a flurry of tweets from “industry insiders” hinting at a possible June 30th livestream reveal of the game. The source of the rumor is cryptic, but now producer Cory Barlog has responded to the growing conversation, asking people to relax and “please be patient” if you check for updates.

It all started on June 23 with Twitter user The Snitch tweeted vaguely God of War gif with what looked like a binary code: “11110”. In the decimal system, “11110” means “30”, which led people in mentions of The Snitch to assume that an announcement would come on the 30th of a month. Another “industry insider” named Roberto Serrano repeated the Snitch’s cryptic message on June 24tweet that Sony will share a new one Ragnarok Trailer alongside a November 18 release date (supposedly this year) and the ability to pre-order the game –all on June 30th, with a PlayStation Blog post to accompany the reveal. Here’s how the rumor mill started to spiral out of control, with ‘industry insiders’ Left and To the right claims something is happening this Thursday.

Again, neither Sony nor Santa Monica have commented publicly on this Ragnarok. In fact, that’s the last time we heard about the game officially a blog post from May describing new accessibility features that should finally eliminate a gamer’s biggest threat: tiny text. However, after a Bloomberg reportthe studio appears to be gearing up for a November launch.

All in all, games producer Cory Barlog had to step in to end the recent unruly rumours. In a June 29 tweet, Barlog said he’d spill all the tea if he could, but such decisions are out of his hands. Instead, he pleaded, people should just “please be patient” when asking about it Ragnarok Updates that promise “things will be shared at the earliest opportunity”.

When reached for comment, The Snitch told kotaku via Twitter DMs that every announcement Sony had planned for June 30 has been pushed back. They refused to provide details of how they obtained their information, other than implying that it came from the same source as Bloomberg. As a result, The Snitch said the delay made them “more concerned”. Ragnarok.

“There should be a reveal,” claims The Snitch. “But Sony delayed it. It wasn’t a state of play or a new gameplay trailer. That’s all I can say. It’s a shame. I’m more worried about the game. To me it means it’s not polished enough.”

The snitch that kind of predicted it the core of crisis make new With a similarly vague tweetShe attaches little importance to her credibility as an “industry insider”. They “just open Twitter from time to time anyway” and think “the video game console community is super toxic.” Still, The Snitch believes people enjoy their tweets because they make events like Summer Game Fest more “exciting.”

“I think people like my cryptic tweets, and I avoid legal trouble because it’s just a GIF and random numbers,” The Snitch said. “And so my tweets are open to speculation. We all know what this industry is like and plans change from one day to the next.”

kotaku has reached out to Mr. Clutch, Serrano and Sony for comment.