Genshin Impact leaks reveal cast of new Sumeru characters

Before updating to version 2.8 for Genshin Impactseveral members of the community have uncovered leaks highlighting a cast of new Sumeru characters.

Fans have speculated that Sumeru will appear in version 3.0 since Liyue was introduced at the beginning of version 1.0 and Inazuma in 2.0, although miHoYo hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet. Regardless, the excitement for a new region and new cast of characters has the Genshin Impact Community quite excited for what is to come.

That genshin The Impact Leak community is very passionate about the game and as such the leaks they uncover are accurate most of the time. The latest leaks found by these players include an image showing a full cast of seven Sumeru characters. These characters are, from left to right, Tighnari, Collei, Dehya, Alhaitham, Nilou, Dori, and Nahida.

All leaked Sumeru characters Genshin Impact

Higher quality images have been spotted for an upcoming new Dendro character, previously described as a “Su-like” character in reference to another miHoYo game by the name Honkai Impact 3. The Dendro character is believed to be called Alhaitham and will likely be one of the first Dendro characters to be introduced Genshin Impact.

A full breakdown of Alhaitham’s character model from all angles has also been revealed, showing all the details of his design.

A character named Tighnari, who has animal-like ears and a very fluffy tail, is also suspected of being one of the first Dendro characters to arrive Genshin Impact. Tighnari is suspected of being a five-star Dendro character. His official splash artwork and a closeup of his face were shared by the genshin leak community.

The official splash artwork was also spotted by the genshin Leak community for two characters named Collei and Dori. Collei is suspected of being a Dendro Bow character while Dori is believed to be an Electro Claymore character. Both characters are also believed to be four stars.

Images of Dori in action with some sort of Electro sidekick who is likely to show up when she uses her Electro skills were also shared within the genshin community.

A full picture of Collei offers a better look at her in-game. A short video that was shared also shows the character in action and seems to confirm that she is indeed a Bow character.

Descriptions of Tighnari, Collei, and Dori’s putative abilities were also shared on the Genshin Impact Leaks on the Reddit page.

The rightmost little girl in the Sumeru characters collection is believed to be the Dendro-Archon. Her name shall be Nahida. So far, no information has been revealed about her abilities or her star rating, other than that she is a Dendro character.

While no other images of the other two characters in the group of seven Sumeru characters were revealed outside of the group photo, information about their abilities and names was shared.

The girl to Alhaitham’s left, wearing red, black and gold clothes, is believed to be Dehya, a five-star character created by Pyro Claymore. The girl to Alhaitham’s right, in blue and with bright red hair, is said to be Nilou, who may be a five-star Hydro Polearm character.

Both characters’ elemental visions are prominent in the image, meaning they are very likely actually Pyro and Hydro characters, while the other information surrounding them is less clear.

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A diagram also circulates in the genshin Fellowship that collects and confirms the suspected elemental abilities and weapons for each of the revealed Sumeru characters. A few other upcoming characters that may or may not be connected to Sumeru are also included in this chart.

It is believed that all revealed characters will be officially released during version 3.0 of Genshin Impact. This means players can expect to see them all in-game sometime before version 4.0, but it may still be some time before the characters make their official debut.