Fall Guys hardest achievement is currently much easier to unlock

Fall Guys has some pretty tough achievements, but one of them, and probably the hardest of them all, is currently much easier to unlock thanks to a new limited-time game mode.

If you’re working your way through the Fall Guys achievements, be sure to get the Infallible achievement before the Sweet Thieves game mode is removed from the colorful, bean-filled multiplayer game.

How to unlock Fall Guys Infallible achievement easily

Fall Guys cute thieves

The Infallible achievement requires you to win five episodes in a row, which is an incredibly big ask if you’re playing any of the regular shows. While the achievement can be unlocked if you get a decent group of friends together and everyone communicates with each other, the easiest way to complete Infallible’s requirements is to play some of the new special shows that are added regularly. The easiest of all is Sweet Thieves, which happens to be running for the next few days.
Sweet Thieves is a one-round, team-based show lasting three minutes. A team’s task is to protect the candy, find the thieves and send them to jail by grabbing them. The other team, which can become invisible when walking slowly, must steal the candies and bring them back to their base to earn points. If you’re playing Sweet Thieves with a group of four players and communicating, you can easily win five shows straight away, but even if you’re playing solo, you still have a good chance of winning five shows in a row. As TonyTwoSteaks writes in their Infallible Achievement Guide: When defending yourself, make sure you stand next to the candy and don’t move. It is almost impossible for the thieves to steal the candies in this way. If you’re a thief, you’ll have to work a little harder and hope you don’t run into a defending team with the blocking strategy. If you’re looking to do this with a team, it might be worth checking out and participating in some of the Fall Guys boosting sessions currently available.

If you’re playing solo, you’ll need a bit of luck when it comes to finding competent teammates, but unless you win quite five in a row, Sweet Thieves is short enough that you can blast through the rounds at high speed until you make it finally get it. I popped Infallible last night alone on my second attempt to unlock the achievement and if I can do it, anyone can!

We’ve seen plenty of unlocks since Sweet Thieves went live, and we’ll likely see many more until the show goes off-rotation on July 12th. If you miss it this time, Sweet Thieves will likely return sometime later in the year.

Will you use Sweet Thieves to unlock Infallible? Let us know in the comments.