Expand your travel budget with these money-saving hacks

The travel season is upon us! If you have a ton of destinations on your must-see list but are on a tighter budget, saving while you travel can be easier than you think.

It may sound too good to be true, but there are many easy ways to save a few bucks here and there… and sometimes a few hundred or thousands of them! Go on vacation with peace of mind knowing you’re saving as much as possible by implementing a few tricks from these five ways to travel on a budget.

1. Travel where your money goes

An easy way to make sure your holiday climb keeps going? Go somewhere where your local currency is worth more. It may come as a surprise, but a trip abroad can actually be a more budget-friendly trip if you choose the right place. In some cases, you can live like royalty for a fraction of what you would spend domestically.

If places like Portugal, Spain, Peru, Egypt or Vietnam are on your bucket list, you’re in luck. FinanceBuzz has released its list of 10 countries where the US Dollar will go the furthest in 2022, and these hot destinations are one of them. Tunisia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Mexico and Hungary complete the list of countries that currently have a very favorable exchange rate. That means you can stay in better accommodations, spend more at local restaurants, and even splurge on quirky additions to your trip like: B. Hiring a private driver.

2. Make the most of your credit cards

Credit cards don’t have to be the enemy! When it comes to travel, they can actually get in the clutch and help you save big in countless ways.

First, it’s time to redeem those points! Yes, the money you accumulated just by spending money on other things can go much further if you redeem it for things like hotels and flights before your trip. Some hotel credit cards even offer coupons for free hotel nights, while others allow you to book your room with points instead of cash, which can save you a lot of time and means you don’t have to touch the money in your vacation credit.

Credit cards can also be helpful when traveling abroad if you choose the right one. For example, a credit card without international transaction fees can help you save. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up paying a percentage on top of all your purchases throughout your trip.

It’s also important to find credit cards that allow you to withdraw from ATMs abroad so you don’t incur any fees. This is a great way to get foreign currency, as ATMs often offer the best rate if you want to withdraw local currency, according to Kate McCulley, a travel expert who shared this great tip with Business Insider.

3. Eat local…like the local supermarket

Eating out is much more expensive than eating at home. We all know that on our own terrain, but it also applies when we are in a foreign place.

The next time you go on vacation, be sure to head to the local supermarket. Not only is it an adventure in itself – imagine all the unique local foods – it also saves you a lot on meals. For example, what’s Parisian than a loaf of bread, some cheese, and a bottle of wine? Once you’ve got these staples, head to the Eiffel Tower and voila: you’ve got dinner and a show for cheap!

4. Use a flight savings service

One of the most expensive elements of travel is the plane ticket. Fortunately, these days there are ways to avoid exorbitant airfare with services. Take Dollar Flight Club for example. This service will help you with all your travel plans and save valuable search time.

You’ll hunt down the best deals in Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class, with international deals like a $330 return flight to Madrid or a $439 return flight to Panama, all while you save on domestic travel with great deals like a $129 round-trip ticket to Hawaii. All you have to do is add your home airport and check your email inbox for offers.

A Premium Plus subscription to this type of service ensures you’re consistently saving on this expensive part of travel. Forbes raved about their services, noting, “A great paid service is Dollar Flight Club, which offers an impressive average savings of $500 per ticket.” And now you can get that subscription for life for just $99 .

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5. Rent your apartment while you’re away

With the advent of simple homeshare sites like Airbnb and VRBO, there’s a brand new way to save big when you travel: renting out your own space. Regardless of how long you’ll be away, renting can either help subsidize your trip or, in some cases, even allow you to get to the top and actually make money while you’re on vacation.

It sounds like a dream, but for Kelly Lack, Spot’s content and community lead, it was a true story. Speaking to Travel Channel about her experience, the traveler shared, “A few years ago we backpacked Southeast Asia for a few months and rented out our apartment in NYC while we were away. Our travel expenses were so low – Southeast Asia is the travel for the budget conscious – that we even ended up making money. We found a renter through Craigslist, but you could also list your home on a site like Airbnb or VRBO, or look at Home Exchange for a home exchange.”

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