Elden Ring Maker is hiring for “several” new projects

Golden Light rises from a character in the Elden Ring.

picture: BySoftware

elden ring finally published just a few months ago, has been at the top of the charts ever since, but FromSoftware doesn’t seem to slow down. That Dark Souls Studio is already hiring for “several” new games, and director Hidetaka Miyazaki reports in a new interview that one of them is already nearing completion.

This morning, FromSoftware tweeted a link to a brand new recruitment site with a range of job openings and said the company is hiring for a variety of positions across several new projects. The art in the tweet didn’t just include depictions of Sekiro, bloodborneand Dark Soulsbut also the mech shooter Armored Core, one of the studio’s much-loved but long-dormant franchises. The job listing page, meanwhile, featured over a dozen positions ranging from game design and art to programming and development support.

It’s hardly uncommon for gaming companies to recruit via social media, but given FromSoftware’s status and the widespread success of elden ringHer fans were excited to see what the studio will focus on next. The recruitment spot also ended up next to a New 4gamers interview with Miyazaki, in which the elden ring The director said that he is already working on his next game and that there is an unannounced project already in the works at the studio final stages of development.

While Miyazaki hasn’t hinted at what any of those games are, fans have long been waiting for FromSoftware to return Armored Corewho hasn’t seen a new entry since 2013. Miyazaki already promised in 2016 that a new mech game would eventually appear, and a Armored Core 6 was rumored in development since 2017. This year is also the 25th anniversary of the series and images of the game apparently leaked back in January.

Fans were also excited for a sequel to the PS4 exclusive bloodborne. during a Bloodborne 2 Clearly a priority for many, rumors have been circulating about a possible 2020-style remaster of the game for PS5 Demon’s Souls Remake. Just last month, a fake Twitter account was impersonating gaming Twitter superuser Nibellion briefly all convinced the existence bloodborne Remaster was actually announced.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Miyazaki and the rest of the studio’s more recent projects are entirely new games. The company’s recruitment tweet also featured art for Deracine, a 2018 adventure game released for PlayStation VR. Given Sony’s big push behind the upcoming PS VR 2 headset, it wouldn’t be shocking to see FromSoftware drop another exclusive for the new platform.