EA employees are reportedly very unhappy about this single player tweet

A week away from internet dunking on EA’s social media accounts, some of the developer’s employees are reportedly unhappy with the post that implied single-player games aren’t worth it.

Last Thursday, EA’s official Twitter account posted what immediately turned into a controversial tweet, saying, “They’re a 10, but they just like playing single-player games.” The post plays with the “You’re a 10 but…” trend dominating social media right now.

The internet didn’t take kindly to this post, pointing out things like EA’s disastrous introduction of microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and other instances of its shaky history with single-player games. Just a few hours after the post, EA tweeted againand said “Roast well deserved. We take that L because playing single player games actually makes them an 11.”

A report by USA Today’s FTW appeared to set up a plan to try and turn a negative into a positive, in which EA’s studios would publicly mock the tweet in order to win audiences’ favor. However, several social media executives reportedly declined, and some EA employees said toasting the company would only add to EA’s bad reputation among gamers.

According to the report, there was such dislike of the tweet among EA employees in part because EA’s main social media account is reportedly not managed by the company’s social or communications teams. Rather, the Twitter account should be managed by people outside the gaming industry.

“They’re all new, and most of them aren’t really gaming industry folks, as far as I know,” a USA Today source said. “The person who posted that tweet did not know and was not properly supported to ensure that something like this did not happen.”

Now, EA appears to be holding roundtables with executives who are upset with the post, as some of EA’s studios working on single-player games took the tweet as an insult.

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