Draymond Green at Warriors title parade: “F— everyone else”

Unlike previous years, the Warriors’ championship parade will not end in a grand rally with speeches at the end of the stretch. Just after 1:30am Monday, Draymond Green tweeted: “No one speaks at the parade? Yes, I think I’ll stick with the crib.”

Instead, today’s San Francisco parade began with a brief presentation to a small crowd of fans on the Embarcadero. The presentation also included introductions for support staff, such as security guards, trainers and more. And then, hours after he’d complained about no speeches, Green took the mic briefly to share his thoughts.

After a long, dramatic silence, Green said, “I’m trying to think of the most controversial thing I could say.”

“I don’t know what to tell you,” he added. β€œThat we are better than everyone else? … I’m just going to keep destroying people on Twitter and Instagram stories.”

In true Draymond fashion, he ended his comments with, “It’s always fβ€”k everyone else. Thank you all!”

The parade begins at 11:20 a.m. on Market and Main Streets in San Francisco and proceeds down Market ending on 8th Street about a mile away. When the Warriors held championship parades in Oakland, the route ended at Lake Merritt, where players entered a temporary stage to give speeches and engage directly with fans.

Green, unsurprisingly, was a highlight of this portion of the parade. In 2015, he took the mic and immediately warned fans (and his bosses) that he was “going to get controversial.” Most of all, though, he poked fun at coach Steve Kerr: “Every time I take a shot, he complains,” Green joked. “So you see, every time I take a shot, I look at it.” In 2017, Green used his speaking time to take a shot at LeBron James.

Of course, Green’s joke about staying at home today could be related to the Warriors’ relentless party schedule since they won the NBA title against the Celtics. On Thursday night, the team partied in Boston before flying back to the Bay Area, only to turn back and hit the clubs in Las Vegas.