Changes in iOS 16 Beta 3: Developer Beta

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That iOS 16 beta 3 Changes were unleashed on the subscribed iOS 16 developer beta as well as iPadOS 16 developer beta yesterday (July 6, 2022). Below is a list of all the important changes that you need to be aware of.

Changes in iOS 16 Developer Beta 3

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Now it’s easier than ever to share your iCloud Photo Library with friends and family. It’s possible to invite up to five different people to share a photo library, allowing anyone to add, remove, and edit

iOS 16 lockdown mode

Lockdown mode is a feature primarily intended for those in information-sensitive positions who may be vulnerable to targeted cyberattacks: be they government employees, journalists, activists, politicians, or anyone else with a healthy dose of paranoia (well-founded or not). The feature isn’t worth bothering with for most people as it severely limits many features including attachments in messages, shared albums in photos, calls from unknown numbers in FaceTime, and many browser extensions and features.

Include Due Today

The Reminders app now has a new “Due Today” option in Settings. This means you can see both “overdue” and “due today” items in your daily badge count.

Improved privacy of upcoming calendar events

When you lock your screen, your calendar’s events will now appear blurry until the user unlocks the phone.

New Stage Manager for iPad splash screen and features

This change only benefits iPad users, but there’s a new splash screen for the Stage Manager feature, as well as an updated multitasking menu and tutorials on how to use both.

AFib story

For both “iOS 16” and watchOS 9, a new AFib history feature (that’s atrial fibrillation history) has been added for those with the condition, which records and tracks the necessary data to aid in health monitoring. At the moment this is only available in the US for some reason, although we expect it to be expanded to all regions in the near future.

cosmetic changes

Besides the major functional changes, there were also some relatively minor cosmetic updates to iOS 16 Developer Beta 3.