Biden: Did you get my text? The President releases his community ‘phone number’.

White House advisers say the texts from Biden’s account will reflect a collaboration between staffers and the president, although advisers expect Biden to be writing messages himself.

The President’s digital team has been experimenting with ways to reach voters, particularly younger ones, on social media platforms. The White House does not have a TikTok account, although Biden has filmed videos with the Jonas Brothers and others, who have uploaded the collaboration to their own TikTok accounts. The president has also sat for interviews that were loaded into the Shade Room, a pop culture website aimed at a young, black audience, and White House Covid adviser Anthony Fauci has held Instagram Live sessions.

“All of these things are great, but the social media audience is disappearing. You are committed to the algorithm. And even email can be unreliable in terms of open rates and recipients,” said Rob Flaherty, White House director of digital strategy. “SMS is a really reliable tool to reach people directly and quickly. Texting people like to say the open rate is 100 percent.”

Political campaigns often use text messaging to spread information — including Biden on the Democratic National Committee — but aides say this is the first time in nearly a decade that the White House has “opened a new channel of communication to/from the public.” .

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, was a prolific user of Twitter until he was permanently booted from the platform after the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill. But White House officials have often remarked that “Twitter isn’t real life,” a reference to the platform not being as widely used in heartland America as by Washington politicians and the media that cover it.

Launched in 2019, Community allows individuals, businesses, or their brands to send text messages to fans and supporters in a group or individually. Users can opt-in to receive news and promotions, while the people they follow – particularly politicians – use the platform to mobilize supporters and voters.

Aiders say the White House can use the platform to announce trips and solicit feedback on proposals in the works or to schedule previews.

“If we go to Ohio, we can text any subscriber in Ohio and say, ‘Hey, come to our event,’ or ‘I’ll be in town,'” Flaherty said. “We can also text people based on areas of interest. It enables us to have a direct dialogue with people.”

There’s also the added benefit of being able to control the news and bypass traditional news sources, he said.

Biden is the latest politician to use the platform. Former President Barack Obama used the community in 2020, and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams joined the community last year to work with the voting rights group she founded to mobilize voters and advance initiatives.

“You could have the president make a town hall with the tool. ask questions and such. We talked about, ‘Should we let Community choose his tie one day?'” Flaherty said. “We’re kind of experimenting here.”