Best Fortnite Duos from Season 3 Cash Cup + Promising New Teams

Wondering who the best Fortnite duos will be this season? These are some people to keep an eye on.

This weekend was Fortnite Season 3’s first Duos Cash Cup and a chance to see which teams are on form ahead of July’s FNCS.

As usual, there was plenty to hack and switch, with some Tier 1 pros still searching for the perfect partner.

In Europe, it was Th0masHD and trippernn who emerged victorious after Round 2. They took 3rd placeapprox in last season’s FNCS and will try to keep the momentum going.

Other big names in the top 10 included Kami and Setty, as well as JannisZ and Vadeal.

A particularly exciting newly formed duo are Anas and Queasy, who took 6th placeth. Their playstyles complement each other very well, plus they finished 4thth in the Sommerset Cup and even teamed up with Th0masHD to win both the EU and NAE Zero Build Trios Cups on Friday!

Despite a decent 10th Place performance, Hen and Pinq will not stick together. Pinq was due to fly to the US to team up with Clix, but visa issues meant a last-minute change of plans.

Unfortunately, this failed first trial means that both Pinq and Hen are still trying to find someone for Season 3.

On the other side of the pond, however, Clix was luckier in winning a duo quickly. He will play with two-time FNCS champion Duke. They narrowly missed out on qualifying for this weekend’s Cash Cup finals, but there’s definitely potential there.

NAE #1 went to Cented and Cold, who have now won four of their last eight Cash Cup Finals. In C3:S2 Cented got his 5thth FNCS Silver Medal. Surely he’ll get his hands on this pickaxe of champions at some point.

Having played together before the Fortnite World Cup, FaZe boys Dubs and Megga split at the end of last season. Dubs will be collaborating with Degen in the future and a 3approx Place in the Cash Cup has given them a fantastic start.

At number 8 sits another dangerous looking new duothplace too; Peterbot and Rocaine. Personal differences arose between reigning FNCS champions Peterbot and Bylah, but the former has already found a strong replacement and they appear to be a good match.

With just under two weeks until the start of the FNCS Season 3 qualifiers, the folks who did well this past weekend are in prime position to bolt. Those who don’t have a duo to complete yet will need to put in some time to get ready for week 1.

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