According to polls, the majority of Americans say the country is moving in the wrong direction


The vast majority of Americans across party lines are unhappy with the state of the US, a new set of polls has found.

In an AP-NORC poll released Wednesday, 85% of US adults say things are going in the wrong direction in the country, with just 14% believing things are going in the right direction. That’s a more pessimistic reading than in May, when 78% said things were moving in the wrong direction and 21% said things were generally moving in the right direction.

Currently, both 92% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats are dissatisfied with the country’s direction — the highest number among Democrats since President Joe Biden took office last year.

According to the AP-NORC poll, only 20% of Americans describe the country’s economy as good, while 79% describe it as bad. Again, sentiment is relatively bipartisan, with both 90% Republicans and 67% Democrats calling the economy bad.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll also released Wednesday shows growing discontent, particularly among Democrats, in the days after the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion was no longer constitutional. In this poll, 62% of Democrats say things are on the wrong track in the country, up from 49% the previous week. In contrast, 86% of Republicans say things are on the wrong track, down slightly from 94% a week earlier.

American views of Biden, meanwhile, remain underwater. A CNN Poll of Polls average of polls conducted during the second half of June found that 38% of Americans approve of his work, while 57% disapprove, similar to his ratings earlier in the month.

In the AP-NORC poll, 28% of adult Americans approve of Biden’s job performance in business — his lowest rating on the subject in this poll — 36% approve of his performance on gun policy, and 53% approve of his way of doing things Corona pandemic overcome.

The CNN poll is an average of the five most recent nonpartisan, national adult polls of Biden’s job admissions that meet CNN’s standards. If a pollster has published multiple polls during this period, only the most recent will be included in the average. The polls include results from the Quinnipiac University poll conducted June 17-20, the CBS News/YouGov poll conducted June 22-24, the NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, which was conducted June 24-25, the AP-NORC poll conducted June 23-27 and the Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted June 27-28.