2022 iPad 10th Gen Release Date Prediction

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That iPad 10th generation release date ie the iPad release date 2022 hasn’t been officially confirmed by Apple yet, although we can make a fairly accurate estimate based on the information we have, and that is Sometime in the second half of September. The latest entry-level iPad, codenamed J272, is certainly the most popular entry into the range as it is the most affordable option and offers enough features for the majority of users compared to the latest 2022 edition of the iPad Pro which is scheduled within a month or so come out after the main version of the iPad. Read on for the latest rumours, speculation and leaks about the upcoming Apple tablet.

iPad 2022 release date prediction

The only major rumor about the release date of the 10th generation iPad came from a well-known leaker @dylandkt Earlier this year, although the tweet was later removed. @dylandkt pointed to “late 2022” as the timeframe for the iPad 2022 release date, although that’s not very specific.

Earlier iPad launch dates were as follows, with the actual release date / pre-order Shipping date within 2 weeks of the start date In any case:

  • iPad 10.2 (2021) launch date: September 14, 2021
  • iPad 10.2 (2020) launch date: September 15, 2020
  • iPad 10.2 (2019) launch date: September 12, 2019

We know that the Apple iPhone 14 event is happening sometime in September, and Apple tends to announce the base model iPads alongside their new iPhones.

All of this points to it an expected iPad 2022 release date in the second half of September 2022.

iPad 2022 price prediction

There is no concrete information on the price of the iPad 2022, but many are speculating same starting price as last year’s model I’d say about $329 / £319 / AU$499.

Design, specifications and features of the 10th generation iPad

There have been various “leaked” reports as to whether the new 2022 iPad will feature an aesthetic redesign that will see the physical button removed. The aforementioned @dylandkt The tweet, which has now been deleted, did not claim this, while the quarterly report from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) claimed that a redesign was taking place to bring it in line with the iPad Air and iPad Pro designs.

However, 9to5Mac, who have previously correctly reported on the iPad Air, have come up with the following claims about the new iPad 2022’s features from their sources, which seem fairly likely at this point.


The new 2022 iPad is likely to be upgraded to either a 10.5-inch screen or a 10.9-inch screen from the 10.2-inch screens that the standard iPads have come with for the past few years. The entry-level iPad may also feature a Retina display with the same resolution as the iPad Air’s display (2360 x 1640).


The existing iPads only have Lightning connectors, unlike the iPad Pro and iPad Air, which also have USB-C connectors, but the new 2022 iPad will join them. USB-C means faster transfer speeds and much greater connectivity with a wider range of peripherals without relying on adapters.


5G network connectivity is another feature that seems very likely for the new 10th generation iPad.

A14 bionic chip

The 10th generation model of the iPad will reportedly feature the same A14 Bionic CPU chip as the 4th generation iPad Air currently. This upgrade could result in performance gains of around 30% over the current A13 Bionic chip.

Last word

We will update this article with the latest iPad 10th Gen Release Date / iPad 2022 Release Date information as it comes out. Make sure to stay locked on WePC for all the latest release dates updates on the latest Apple products and iOS release dates.